Acceptable Items

baby bottles/sippy cups (BPAFree)crib sheets,safety gates
baby Carriers dance wear sandboxes
baby Monitors diaper Bags shopping cart covers
bassinettes diaper pails/genies slides
bed rails dress up clothes strollers
bicycles exersaucers swimwear
blankets games/wooden puzzles swings
books (no parenting books)highchairstoys
bouncy castlesinfant bathtubstricycles
bouncy Seats jolly jumperstights
breast pumps (manual onlynursing/breastfeeding weartwin bedding
bumbo seats MUST HAVE RECALL REPAIR KITmobileswagons (both sales)
cabinet locksnursing pillowsyard toys
car seats MUST SIGN WAIVERpacknplays/playpens
changing pad covers,stuffed toys (TY and disney only)
changing pads,playmats
children’s clothing (newborn to youth 14)plug covers,
cloth diapers & accessoriespotties
costumespregnancy related items
Crib bedding sets,riding toys

Unacceptable Sale Items

Any item that has been recalled
Baby Walkers (In Canada, it is illegal to sell or give them away)
DVDs (too many quality issues to continue to accept these at our sale)
Electric Breast pumps
Helmets– bike, skating/hockey, or snow helmets
Items received for free or promotional items (e.g. formula company diaper bags, healthcare publications, etc)
Maternity wear
Non-Children Items – You cannot sell household items, adult craft items, tools or any items not directly related to babies/children/pregnancy
Off season clothing (see complete list/description)
Paper Jigsaw Puzzles
Parenting books
Pharmaceuticals and formula
Plastic feeding items (including Plastic Baby Bottles) – containing "bisphenol A". Check to make sure your bottles do not have #7 code on the bottom. If you see a #7, they should not be sold. If they have no code at all, it's best to leave them out of the sale.
Strollers - Strollers made before 1985 do not meet current safety standards and cannot be sold. Strollers must have a lap belt and the brakes, wheels and locking mechanisms on folding models should all be in working order.
Stuffed Toys – Non Licensed - These items do not sell well and take up a lot of space. Please sell only licensed stuffed toys by Disney and TY and only if they are in mint condition.
Toys, gear, or equipment with missing pieces, that are broken, or do not include batteries.
Underwear– Due to sanitary issues. Cloth diapers and training pants are permitted.
VHS Tapes
Wooden Criss-Cross Baby Gates - Baby gates that have large diamond-shaped or large "V" openings at the top are not allowed to be sold in Canada.


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