Drop off your tagged items
Halifax Forum Multipurpose Room
Friday, April 3rd
2pm – 6:15pm

Registered sellers can choose their drop-off/check-in time. In an effort to spread out drop-off so that sellers aren’t waiting in line at the check-in desk and volunteers have more time for quality control, we are allowing sellers to choose their specific drop-off/check-in time.

To choose your check-in time, login:


1. Choose “Check-in Schedule”: Click “Check-in Schedule” from the list or the orange menu bar at the top of the page.

2. Select your Preferred Time: Click the circle next to the time you would like to arrive at check-in and click “Add Me To Selected Appointment”. You can change your selection at any time by clicking your selected time and clicking “Remove Me From Selected Appointment”. You can then choose a new time. If your preferred time is not available, we have reached the maximum number of check-ins we can accept for that time frame and you will have to choose another. Time slots are available every 15 minutes from 2 pm until 6:15pm.

Drop-off Procedure:

Please arrive as close to your selected check-in time as possible.

Sort: Before leaving the house, have your clothes sorted by size and gender to make drop-off faster and easier for you. Review the sale layout posted on the Sale Facebook page a week before the sale to familiarize yourself with the set-up inside the Forum.

Unpack your vehicle: Pull up close to the garage door at the back of the Forum and unpack your things. Then move your vehicle to a parking space to allow others to do the same.

Sign-in: Check with the volunteer at the check-in table to announce your arrival and confirm your seller details. If you have a high-priced item or an item you think could be an easy target for theft, ask the volunteer for a yellow security tag.

Set-up: Set your items out around the sale in the clearly indicated locations. If you are unsure of where an item should be placed, one of our volunteers will gladly point you in the right direction.

Before you leave: If you are not planning on donating 100% of your items, please leave ONE plastic tote, bin or box for the post-sale sort of unsold items. Make sure your totes/bins/boxes are clearly marked with your seller number. It is very easy for items to get misplaced during the post-sale sort if they are not.

Pick-up Procedure:

As you can imagine, the post-sale sort of unsold items is a major undertaking. As in previous years, we ask ALL SELLERS (who aren’t donating their unsold items) to return at 2 pm to pitch in during this busy process.

Tips for Sorting:

  1. Start with a table of unsorted items, and begin sorting the items into piles based on seller number in increments of 50. For example, seller numbers 1-50 in one pile, seller numbers 51-100 in another, etc.
  2. Once the table is sorted, take on of the piles to the area where the bins for those sellers are located and place each item in the appropriate bin. Because the piles are sorted by seller number, all the items from each pile will go into bins in the same area. This greatly helps speed the sorting process.
  3. While it may seem faster to collect your own items from each table, past experience has shown that sellers who do this, and then leave before the sort is completed, end up with a pile of unclaimed items. It is to EVERYONE’S benefit if we all help.

All items not picked up by 3:30pm on sale day will be donated to charity.

POMBA will not store your items if they are not picked up.


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