How to Print Your Tags

  • Tags must be printed on white or light coloured cardstock and not on regular paper. Barcodes printed on dark coloured paper will not scan and slows down the line at check out.
  • Cardstock is simply a heavier paper. You can find it at Michaels, Staples or Walmart. Cardstock paper must have a weight of 65lb to 110lb. Regular paper is too flimsy and tends to come off items. An item without a tag cannot be sold.
  • Each item must have a barcoded POMBA-issued tag.
  • A seller tag can only be scanned once. Each tag has an item number and the system will not allow the same item number to be scanned more than once at checkout.
  IMPORTANT!! It is very important that you do not print multiple pages of the same tag page. YOU CANNOT COPY THE TAGS AND USE MORE THAN ONCE. Each item you put in the sale must have a unique barcode created in the My Consignment System.  

To begin printing your tags, login:

1. Print tags: Choose the “Print Tags” option from the list or the orange menu bar at the top of the page.

2. Select the items to print.

  • Check the box at the left for each individual item you want to print.
  • To select all items, check the box at the top of the list on the left.

3. Click on “Generate Tag(s)”: The system will generate an adobe acrobat document (i.e. pdf document) that you can either save on your computer to be printed later or can print now. Once you have done this your items will be marked “Generated” under Tag Status. This lets you know which tags you have printed and which you have not. If you print your tags but never attach them to your items, you can print them again. But you cannot print the same tags and use them on different items.

  • Do not print multiple pages of the same pdf files to use more than once. Each label you create has a unique item # and this cannot be scanned more than once.

If you login from the sale’s website and the system asks you for a print code, please email

4. Print your tags: Prepare your printer – Load your printer with CARDSTOCK paper. Use a printer with normal toner (no dot matrix printers). Use NORMAL or DRAFT print setting (Best quality is too dark and causes the barcodes to bleed).

TIP: Perform a test print after the first 8-24 items so you can catch any entering mistakes before you continue. Make sure the barcode prints crisp and clear and the lines do not bleed together. If they do bleed together or you cannot see white lines between the barcode, then reprint using a lower print quality – such as the ‘draft’ setting.

6. Attach your tags: Cut the labels apart and attach with safety pins (for clothing), tape (for baggies, books etc.), or zip ties (for larger items and sometimes shoes). To make using safety pins easier, you can use a hole-punch to punch a hole in the left-hand corner of the label. DO NOT TAPE OVER THE BARCODE. Be careful when attaching labels to notice the description and make sure it matches the item. Confirm that items you marked for “Discount” are denoted with an asterisk and items marked for “Donate” with a capital D.

IMPORTANT!! The donate information CANNOT be handwritten. It must be printed on the tag. Attach safety-pinned tags to the upper left hand side of clothing items.

TIP: If hanging an item of clothing make sure the top of the hanger forms a
“question mark” shape when looking at the front of the item.
This makes it easier for shoppers as they flip through racks.

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