Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions from sellers are listed and answered.

Tagging Clothes

Attach tags on clothing using safety pins or commercial tagging gun*. Avoid using the small gold safety pins, as these do not stay on well and often come off items. Use the punched hole on the tag to pin. Place tags in areas where they are not going to get caught on other items. For example on the front of the shirt, as opposed to the sleeve. If you are selling sets, make sure the pieces are securely attached (cable ties through buttonholes, zipper tabs or clothing labels are great for this


You can often get hangers for free at some stores, such as Old Navy and Superstore.

When placing clothing on hangers the hanger should look like a question mark “?” and the tag should be placed on the upper left-hand side of the item.

Cloth diapers

How to package cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are a popular item at the sale. As the seller, please keep in mind that shoppers will want to see the condition of the diapers, so package them accordingly ensuring all parts are attached together. Please note that if you place it in a plastic bag, chances are it will get opened and the diaper cover and liner may become separated. You may want to consider attaching the liner to the diaper with a large safety pin.

Also, clearly label the condition of the diapers on the tag. Examples would include loose elastics, light staining, like new condition (only used several times), some pilling.

Tagging footwear

If shoes have laces, tie them together. Shoes can also be attached with string, ribbon or
cable ties. Tag can be attached to the shoes using pins, strings or cable ties. Remember that we cannot sell
items without tags, so label well. If you still have the box, tag them as indicated then you can lay them in the
open matching box. Please make sure your pairs of shoes are a proper set!

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