Thanks to our fantastic sellers and buyers, our POMBA Clothing & Equipment Sale continues to grow bigger and better every year! With growth, comes change. Beginning with our Spring 2016 Sale, we have a new all inclusive system for seller registration, volunteer registration, check-in time selection, and tagging items. While it is slightly different then our old system and there may be some growing pains, we are confident our sellers, old and new, will find it easier and more streamlined.

Please note: Seller registration for the 2019 fall sale has now closed. If you would like to sell in the spring, please email us at  by January 5th, 2020, stating the size range you are planning on selling, and we will let you know if we have the capacity for new sellers.

  • To begin, visit our Personal Registration Website with “MyConsignmentManger”:

Unless you have used the “MyConsignmentManager” website before, you will first need to create a “User Account”. You will only need to do this once.

Once you have created and confirmed your user account you can click “Register Here” to register for our current POMBA Clothing & Equipment Sale. Use your existing seller number or email to be assigned a new one.

All subsequent visits to our POMBA page on the MyConsignmentManager website for the current sale (to enter items, print tags, choose a check-in time, etc.) will simply require you to “Login”.

Now prep your items and start tagging!