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Every seller will be assigned a seller number. The information on a seller tag includes seller number, item number, price, size, description, barcode, and whether or not the item with be discounted or donated. Each item you sell MUST have a sale tag attached to it. Only POMBA issued tags can be used. 

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On sale day, once an item is sold, the tag is removed at checkout and scanned. The data from the barcode is entered into a database program. Tallies are calculated for all sellers.

How to create your new POMBA Sale Tags in
the My Consignment Manager Tagging System:

Sellers have 2 options to create tags:

To begin, you must log in to MyCM using this link:

You must have access to a computer, printer, and internet with up to date browsers. Although we have successfully used the Safari Internet browser, MyCM says it does not support it. To be safe, Mac users should use Mozilla Firefox. Otherwise, users should have Internet Explorer 9.0 or Mozilla Firefox 20.0. You should also ensure that your language setting for your browser is set to English. If it is set to French, you will have trouble with the prices in MyCM due to the commas for decimals in French.

A. Creating Blank Tags

creating tags PombaBy using this option, you can create many tags at one time at different price points.

This is done by only completing a few of the fields (those that would remain consistent between items) and creating many tags exactly the same. Then,
while actually tagging your items, you would hand-write any descriptions necessary.

1. Go to Enter Items: Either click on the Enter Items link provided on the screen or go to the Enter Items Tab on the orange bar at the top.

2. Price: The price can be selected either by mouse or by typing in the digit (which is faster) or type it in. Prices start at $0.50 and go up by $0.50 increments to a maximum price of $500.

3. Description/Brand Name Fields: Leave blank.

4. Size: Choose the size either with your mouse or by typing in the first digit of the size you want (which is faster). You can choose “not applicable” for items where a size is not necessary. You can also choose “blank size” and then nothing will appear for the size on your label. If the sizes available don’t match exactly the size on the item, choose the closest size. Or use “blank size” and manually write the size on the label.

5. Category: Choose the Category either with your mouse or by typing in the first letter of the category you want (which is faster). Take a few moments to familiarize how the categories are set up. If you don’t know the category, you can choose “Miscellaneous” or even “blank category”. If you choose “blank category”, nothing will show up on the label.

6. Allow Discount: This box should be clicked if you would like this item to be discounted 50% during the final hour of our sale from 1pm-2pm. This is a new feature for our Spring 2015 Sale. We hope the added hour helps our sellers move more of their inventory. Sellers can pick and choose what items they want to discount and what items they don’t.

7. Allow Donate: This box should be clicked if you would like this item to be donated at the end of the sale if it is not sold. If you don’t want to return at the end of the sale for your unsold items, then choose this for all items you are selling.

8. Number of Tags at this price. Using the Power Tagger, enter the number of tags you would like to create with this exact same information. A typical seller would need many tags at the lower price points of $0.50 to $5.00 and much fewer tags at the higher price points.

9. Click Add Items. The system will add the item(s) to the screen for you to view and print.

When creating blank tags to use later, you would create many tags at different price points so the above instructions would be followed for all the price points you want to use. You can log back in at any point before the sale to create more tags. So don’t worry if you run out and need more.


A typical starting point for new sellers would be to create the following.


Note: tags print out 8 per sheet of cardstock

* $0.50 – 16 tags
* $1.00 – 32 tags
* $1.50 – 16 tags
* $2.00 – 32 tags
* $2.50 – 16 tags
* $3.00 – 24 tags
* $3.50 – 16 tags
* $4.00 – 24 tags
* $4.50 – 16 tags
* $5.00 – 16 tags
* $6.00 – 12 tags
* $8.00 – 12 tags
* $10.00 – 8 tags
* $12.00 – 4 tags
* $15.00 – 4 tags
* $18.00 – 4 tags
* $20.00 – 4 tags
* Higher numbers – as needed


B. Creating Detailed Tags

creating detailed tagsSome sellers prefer to create tags one at a time on the computer, typing in detailed descriptions of each item. The downside of this method is that it could take sellers a little more time. The upside, a tag that is clearer and easier for buyers to read.

If you do want to try this method, here are the instructions:

1. Follow the instructions above for most of the fields, except for Description/Brand Name field.

2. Description/Brand Name: Type the manufacturer or brand name being careful to stay in the box provided (i.e. Carter’s, Graco, etc.). Try to not use capital letters. Another example for the first Description Line is “New” or Gently Worn, etc.

 IMPORTANT!! It is very important not to use too many CAPITAL letters because you will have to edit those items prior to printing. The capital letters take up more space than allowed. It is very important not to type your letters too close to the edge of the description box or you risk having to edit your tag because it will overrun the tag. Use the second description line to complete your description (i.e. boys jeans, blue rubber boots, double stroller).  

3. Number of tags at this price: You would select 1. Or if you were using quite generic descriptions, then you would select as many as you need.

4. Click on Add: The system will add the item to the screen for you to view and print.

  IMPORTANT!! You are allowed to enter up to 1000 items for each sale. If you need to enter more than that, please email  

Additional Information:

Editing Tag Information: Previously entered items can be edited at any point. Click “Manage Inventory” from the menu list or orange menu bar. Check the box to the left of the item you would like to edit and click “Edit Item”. From here, you can change the price, size, description, and category.

Editing Donate/Discount Option: From the “Manage Inventory” page check the box next to the item you want to edit and click the icon for the appropriate action (Mark Discounted / Mark Not Discounted / Mark Donated / Mark Not Donated). You can perform the same action on multiple items at once by checking all corresponding boxes/items.

 IMPORTANT: If these items had already been printed as tags, print the new version you just edited/created and destroy the old one. You cannot use the old tags for something else. Each tag has a unique Item # and cannot be scanned more than once. Editing the tag information does not change the Item #. See the Printing Tags page for more information. 

Removing Items: You can remove items at any time by checking the box next to the item you would like to delete and clicking “Remove Item”. The removed item will not count toward your 1000 item total and will no longer exist in the database. Any tag printed before the item was removed will not be recognized when scanned.

Now you are ready to print …

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