Promote! Promote!

Sellers and shoppers – these two ingredients are essential to our sale and what do they have in common?


Promotions are the key to recruiting high quality sellers, and helping to get over 1500 shoppers through our doors in a 4 hour period to make their purchases. Without both, we wouldn’t be a success!

WE NEED YOU ! Each of our sellers plays a huge role in recruiting shoppers to our door. The benefit for you? The more shoppers, the better your chances of selling more items and the more you will make!

POMBA is a not for profit organization and has a limited advertising budget. We have a Promotions Team that supports the Sale Committee in getting the word out. Question about promotions? Contact

  • Put our sale poster as your Facebook profile picture.
  • Use our cover page as your Facebook cover page.
  • Share our Facebook page with your family and friends. Share it often and repeatedly.
  • Print and share our poster with your church, daycare, school, business, pharmacy, employer– anywhere and everywhere!
  • Share with your Facebook groups, book club, play dates– anywhere online or in person where people connect.

If you have a contact or an idea for a media outlet (print, radio, TV) please contact

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