Volunteering at the sale is easy and in exchange for your time, you get to shop early for the best bargains

AND save commission! It is well worth it!

Work at least one 5-hour shift during the sale set up or sale day and you’ll get to shop at 6:30am on sale day, get first pick of all the items for sale

AND save 5% commission.

If you volunteer for 2 shifts, you’ll get to shop first AND save 10% of what you sell; an extra 5%!

Volunteers shop FIRST and earn MORE!

Option 1: 5 hour shift on set up day OR sale day from 8am to 1pm or 9am to 2pm.  Shop first and save 5% commission off your sale cheque.

Option 2: Two shifts; one on set up day AND one on sale day, 8am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm. Shop first and save 10% commission off your sale cheque.

Option 3: Sale day: during the sale 8am to 1pm AND during the discount hour and tear down 1pm to 5pm. Shop first and save 10% commission off your sale cheque.

Sale Day Volunteer Roles

The clothing sales wouldn’t be successful without hours and hours of dedicated volunteers!

Each volunteer will be assigned a task.

Early Shopping Draw: Sell tickets for the chance to win early shopping. The winners of this draw will get to shop with members at 8:00. Volunteers assigned to this duty will need to be finished shopping and bechecked out by 7:45.

Door: Two volunteers will be assigned to collect admission ($2).

Detagger: Removes clothing sale tags from items being purchased, stacks the tags and hands them to the cashier.

Bagger: As the detagger removes the tags, the bagger places items in bags provided by POMBA.

Cashier: The cashier positions are assigned to volunteers with previous cashier experience, as this is a fast paced job. The cashier scans the tags and completes the transaction.

Change Your Mind / Sale Floor: The Change Your Mind section is a very busy area. This is the area where shoppers can bring their items and spread them out on the table to take a closer look and decide what they want to keep. Volunteers who are working this area are basically putting clothing and other items back in their proper places. An item that is not in the correct place is not likely to sell. Change Your Mind / Sale Floor volunteers monitor washrooms / back room, and rearrange items as the sale progresses (i.e. – move unsold large items to a more prominent area). They also keep an eye out for shoplifting or tag switching and notify police officers.

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