Sale Preparations Step-by-Step Guide

Returning seller (and all new sellers with a valid seller number): Register with MyConsignmentManager on the day of registration. Remember: spots fill quickly, so set yourself an alarm. If you miss registration, asap to be put on the waitlist.

New seller: add your name to the New Seller Waitlist. We will contact you closer to the sale to confirm if you have a seller spot this sale. If you do not get a spot this time, we will keep your name on the list for the next sale.


  1. If you are interested, sign up to volunteer when volunteering shifts open (February 9th, 9 am sharp). (Benefits of volunteering: shop early AND save some extra money on commission!)
  2. Sign up for drop off time! 
  3. Prep all your items:

    Are all items washed/laundered and cleaned?

    Have you checked for stains and rips?

    Have any of your items been recalled?

    Have any items been expired (car seats!)

    If selling car seats, have you printed and filled in a car seat waiver?

    Are all batteries working on all items?

    Are all original item pieces included (games, puzzles, toys, etc.)

    Have you checked if your item can be sold at our sale (here’s the list of what is allowed and what isn’t)

  4. Enter your tags in MyConsignmentManager 
  5. Print your tags
  6. Affix tags
  7. Pack your items up, divided by sizes and type for easy offload. Consult sale map before arrival to know where things go.
  8. Arrive on the Friday (April 3rd) before the sale between 2 PM – 6:15 PM for drop off. (There will be no exceptions with regards to the timeframe. If you cannot drop off then, send a well-instructed friend.)
  9. When arriving at the Forum sign in at the front desk, sign the waiver if you are donating 100% of your items (located at the back entrance of the Forum), and put your items out. Check items quality as you put them out – the light of the Forum reveals many a hidden stain.
  10. On the day of sale: Shop shop shop.
  11. Return at 2 pm for post-sale sort if you are not donating 100% of your item


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