POMBA strives to provide peer support to those parents expecting multiples and to those parents who have multiples at home through several programs and resources.

Many of our programs connect members in similar situations; the best support is often someone who has been there and can help you navigate through.

Breastfeeding Support positions are filled by volunteers interested in answering your questions, providing you the resources you require and listening to your needs.

POMBA volunteers visit with women expecting multiples who find themselves on bedrest on the 7th floor (Make this a link to Support Programs page) of the IWK. Volunteers make visits weekly.

Expectant parents night held three times a year in collaboration with the IWK. If you’re on bedrest at the IWK and reading this, ask your nurse about how to arrange a visit.

POMBA also offers an Equipment Rental program for hospital grade breast pumps and twin nursing pillows.

You can also access the resources of our national organization, Multiple Births Canada. As a POMBA member, our newsletter will keep you up to date on what our Association is up to and help you stay connected with the club as a whole.

POMBA-Halifax has two private Facebook groups where you can access peer support, lean on other parents for questions, resources and tips and even a spot to buy/sell your gently used items.

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